Best Real Money Video Poker Online Sites 2021

Best Real Money Video Poker Online Sites 2021

Video Poker
Video Poker

Online video poker for real money is one fun game. Video Poker is also a game that under the right circumstances can be beaten. Which is a great advantage of playing real money video poker. Here on this site, we are going to provide you with all there is to know about the online casino game. You will find all the information about video poker, how to play, strategies, how to win and the best real money video poker casinos online.

Why Play Real Money Video Poker

The good thing about playing online casino games is that you get an opportunity to play for free and for real money. Although playing for free has its benefits, we are going to talk about the benefits of playing for real money.

  1. When you play for real money you have many variants at your disposal. The game has different variants. Therefore, with real money, you can choose and play the one you like at any given time.
  2. The game gives you a sense of excitement when you have put your money on it. You get a different feeling. The thrill of playing for real money is more exciting than when you are playing the games for free.
  3. It is only when you are playing for real money that you actually get a chance to play live dealer game. You get to go head to head with other payers in a live casino atmosphere.
  4. Real money players are rewarded with real money bonuses and promotions. From welcome bonuses to loyalty rewards and more. You are not entitled to these if you are playing for free.

Tip: Most real money casinos offer great bonuses to video poker players. However, you need to watch out for the sites that offer big sums of money with low wagering requirements. If you get a big bonus offer with extensive requirements you may walk away with nothing.

How We Rate Our Real Money Video Poker Games

We understand that players put their money in these games. That is why we make sure we rank online video poker games to make sure we bring you the best. In reviewing the games, we look at different elements including the following.

  1. Bonuses And Promotions

    All real money casinos we recommend on this site offer players a wide range of bonuses. The moment you sign up and make a deposit expect a bonus, free spins, and a lot more.

  2. Fairness And Security

    All the games we recommend are 100% fair and random. All the video poker games that we recommend ae fair. You can always be sure that you can enjoy the game and that you have a fair winning chance.

  3. Mobile Play

    The casinos we recommend offer players a chance to enjoy their games on the go. You can play on your mobile device anytime and anywhere. The video poker variants are compatible across all devices. You can play via apps or you can play instantly from the browser.

  4. Quick Cashouts

    You don’t have to worry about spending so much time trying to cashout your winnings after winning your poker game. The casinos that we recommend offer quick cashout such that you will be enjoying your winnings in no time.

Different Types Of Video Poker Games

The game has many variants. However, we have trimmed down the list to the main variations of this game. Below is a list of the most popular video poker variations.

  1. Deuces Wild

    Deuces wild is the most played video poker variation. The games make use of 52 cards but gamblers can choose what the 4 two-point cards and deuces represent. This is a way of making the game easier on the player.

  2. Double Bonus

    This game can be found at many top online casino sites. This is because it is a popular video poker game. In this game, players unlock two bonuses that are both four of a kind.

  3. Jokers Wild

    In this game, the joker card can be used by players in representing any card they choose. This helps them to reach a winning hand. The game makes use of 53 cards which consist of a typical deck and one joker.

  4. Jacks or Better

    This is the original version of the game which makes it popular. The game is easy to play and have a straightforward and understandable strategy. There are 52 cards and all of them in the deck. A single pair only wins when it is jacks, queens, kings or aces. Which is where the name was derived from.

  5. Multi Play

    Multiplay poker allows gamblers to play as many hands as they want to. Which makes the game interesting. You can also find the game in both free and real money play at any of the casinos we recommend.

Playing Real Money Video Poker On Your Mobile

Playing Real Money Video Poker On Your Mobile
Playing Real Money Video Poker On Your Mobile

Playing your online games using your mobile device has become the trend. Therefore, we have recommended casinos that allow players to enjoy their real money video poker games on their mobile devices. Whether you are playing on your IOS or Android device you can still have some fun.

The good part about mobile video poker is the fact that you can play anywhere and at any time too. Moreover, there are two ways to play the game depending on the casino you are playing at. You can play instantly via the browser or you can download a casino app or software. Both methods are great it just depends on what you prefer and what your casino offers.

Tips For Winning A Real Money Game

If you are going to play real money video poker. The best thing you can do is to have the best winning chance at your disposal. You should know that the game is not only based on luck. So you can make use of the following tips to help increase your winning chances.

  1. Video poker has many variants and they come with different rules. Therefore, it is important that you understand all the variants and the rules they come with so you get to know the game you are playing.
  2. Always learn the strategies of each game you intend to play.
  3. Practice will always make you a better player. That is why we recommend that you take your time practising the game that you become better. Remember at the end of it all you need to win real money. So it is important to take your time practising your game before you start risking your money.
  4. Always manage your bankroll when playing your video poker. Never bet money you cannot afford to lose.

 History of The Game

Video Poker History

The history of video poker can be traced back to late 1800 when Charles Fey created a slot machine in his garage in 1898. In 1970 Dale Electronics released the first electronic video poker Matic which paved way for a great future of video poker.

During the 1980s and 1990s, video poker started getting attention from players. The machine’s sizes were scaled down and there were different themes added to the machines. There was also a house edge introduced to the game.

From the 2000s till now, video poker continues to impress players and have become one of the most played games at online casinos. As technology evolves so is the game of video poker. Now it can be played on mobile devices anywhere and anytime too.


Now that you know what video poker is all about and all the variants included. All you need to do is to choose the casino of your choice, the video poker game you enjoy most and you can start playing.


[accordiongroup id=”522″][accordion group=”522″ title=”Where Can I Find The Best Video Poker Game?” active=”true”]The internet is filled with different kinds of video poker game. However, you don’t need to stress yourself trying to look for the best site to play this game. This is because we have already done the job for you. You can find the best video poker game at any o0f the casinos we recommend on this site. They are safe, secure and offer different video poker variations. Moreover, you can play using any device of your choice and still experience the best graphics.[/accordion][accordion group=”522″ title=”Do I Need An App To Play Video Poker?” active=””]Not really, most casinos now offer instant play. This means that there is no need to download any software or an app. You can access the gamer straight from your browser.[/accordion][accordion group=”522″ title=”What Types Of Video Poker Can I Find?” active=””]There are many different variants of video poker. However, the most popular ones are jacks or better and Deuces Wild. Different casino sites have different variants. That means you can visit a casino where you will get the variant that you like playing.[/accordion][accordion group=”522″ title=”How Can I Place Bets And Get My Winnings?” active=””]To be able to play for real money, you will have to have an account where you can transfer funds using any payment method of your choice. You just have to make sure that the method is accepted at the casino you are playing at. There are many different methods you can use which include Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill and many more others.[/accordion][accordion group=”522″ title=”How Can I win At Video Poker?” active=””]Just like any other casino game, it is all about luck. But the good thing is that the game is not all about luck. You can employ a few strategies that will help you in increasing your winning chances. Despite the variant, you choose video poker is still a great choice because of the house edge.[/accordion][accordion group=”522″ title=”Can I Play Free Video Poker?” active=””]Of course, all the casinos we recommend gives players a chance to enjoy free poker. You don’t have to risk your money if you are not ready. You can play the game for free to test your skills and practice before playing for real money.[/accordion][accordion group=”522″ title=”What Is A Cycle?” active=””]A cycle is a statistical estimate of the number of hands that need to be played so as for a specific winning hand combination to be displayed.[/accordion][accordion group=”522″ title=”What Is A Hold?” active=””]A hold refers to holding or keeping certain cards and not exchanging them even when given the opportunity.[/accordion][accordion group=”522″ title=”Does Strategy Work In The Game Of Video Poker?” active=””]Definitely, the strategy helps in making or breaking your win. You need to make the right decisions and make use of the right strategy to be able to win the game.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]