Keno Online- Best Real Money Keno Casino 2021

Keno Online- Best Real Money Keno Casino 2021

Keno Online
Keno Online

Looking for a game that doesn’t require skill? Keno is the best game for you as the game is based purely on chance. Keno is not so popular but its popularity has been increasing in the past years.

All you need to do is to pick a set of numbers when you are done, the online casino will pick out some numbers at random too. If the number, you have is called out then you have won.

That is what makes keno popular and interesting. You don’t need any strategy but to just pick a series of numbers and hope they are the winning numbers.

We are going to talk more about keno, how to play and all the best casinos to play keno.

The Best Online Casinos in the U.S

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Getting To Know Keno Online

It is important to get to know the game before you start playing it.  A game of Keno consists of a card, a table and some buttons. Each game of keno is different from another. However, there are common elements that you will find in any type of game you find on the internet.

  1. Keno Card

    A keno card is a big grid of cards. Some can call it a large lottery ticket that has numbers. the numbers are 1-80.

  2. Pay table

    This is where you see what your payout will be for the numbers of the catches you make. In this game, players don’t get paid for hitting many numbers. They get paid out if the percentage of numbers you hit is high.

  3. Quick Pick

    If you don’t want to select the numbers on your own, you can choose to use the quick spin button. The system will select the numbers for you. This feature is mostly found in lotteries.

How To Play Keno Online

Like we mentioned before, keno is not difficult to play. All you need to do is to pick your numbers and wait for the casino to draw a series of numbers. You get paid out on how many numbers you were able to guess correctly.

The game is similar to the lottery, the difference is that more numbers are drawn than chosen. We are going to provide steps on how to play keno.

  1. You have to select a keno game online. There are various types of keno games online available at top casinos online. If you are not sure you can check out the games that we have on this site. Some sites may require registration before you start playing.
  2. Select the game of your choice and before you start playing check out the rules. They differ from one game to the other.
  3. You now have to select the betting amount and then you can pick numbers 1 and 20 from the keno grid. Always remember that the greater the percentage of the numbers you catch is the higher your payout will be.
  4. How many games you decide to play is entirely up to you. You will be asked to specify the number of games you want to play. For instance, you choose to bet $2 and you play a total of 5 games that means paying $10.
  5. When you have picked out your numbers, you now have to wait for the numbers to be drawn to find out if you are a winner.
  6. After that you get your reward basing on the correct guesses you have made.

Keno Rules To Remember

Although keno is one simple game like slots online, the rules is something that we cannot ignore.  These will help you to understand what the game is about and all the requirements. These are some of the rules that you need to follow.

  1. The keno board has a total of 80 numbers. You can choose some of the numbers depending on the casino you are playing at. But you cannot choose al of hem at once. The total of what you can choose is usually betwern15 and 20.
  2. Depending on the casino, some allow players to play just one number, whilst some real money casinos will require you to play 2 numbers at least.
  3. Playing online is different from playing at land-based casino. If you are playing at land-based casino you have to wait for the start of the game to see your payout. Whereas online you are always in control of when a game starts.

How We Select Online Keno

The casinos that we rate and select for our US players have been reviewed to make sure they offer the best gambling experience. All the online casinos we have listed for you have met all our criteria and are top casinos for keno. In selecting these casinos these are some of the things we looked at

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SecuritySecurity tops the list because it is the most important factor. When you are playing real money keno, you need to know that you and all your details are safe.

After all you will be playing for real money. In selecting the casinos, we made sure they have licenses and they are regulated by top gambling authorities.

Also, they are tested for fairness and randomness. They also hold an eCogra certificate.  the casinos also have encryption services. these services protect your data and all your finances.[/col][col class=”col-sm-6″]


GamesApart from having a number of games, the casinos also have a variety of other casino games too. You can find other games at the casinos we have listed for you. These include blackjack, baccarat, poker, slots, craps, live dealer games and more. Good thing is that the games are from top software providers therefore they are of great graphics and are compatible across all devices.[/col][/row]

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supportGetting help when you need it is very important. That is why it is important to play at a casino that offers a great support system. The casinos have different communication methods like emails, live chats and phone calls.[/col][col class=”col-sm-6″]

Banking Methods

BankIt is important for casinos to be safe, secure, and fast.  The casinos that we selected offer a variety of payment methods. The casinos are fast and they offer fast payouts.[/col][/row]

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bonusBonuses are a great way to increase your bankroll. We make sure to provide our readers with casinos that offer the best deposit bonuses for new and existing players. [/col][col class=”col-sm-6″][/col][/row]

Keno Online Strategy

Online keno is a game of luck, which means it is not really influenced by skill or strategy. But a little bit strategy will minimize your losing chances.

  1. When you make your bets start by betting the minimum, then if you win real money you can increase your bets. If you lose you can decrease them. It does not guarantee a win but it has good results.
  2. Do not start by picking more numbers right away. You can start by choosing 5 or 6 numbers to start with. This means paying less per round.
  3. Do not get carried away too fast. And invest too much money with no returns.

Keno  Tips

  1. Always take advantage of casino bonuses. Most US casinos will offer bonuses when you join their casinos. Those bonuses are there to help you have a good start at your Keno and any other game. that is why you need to take advantage of them.
  2. Manage your bankroll, avoid spending too much. That is why you need to set a budget before you start playing. If you overuse your money you will have a short gambling experience.
  3. Check the payouts, the amount that casinos payout is not the same. They differ from one casino to another. That is why it is important to check out the payouts before you put in your numbers.

Keno History

The history of the game is traced back to ancient China. Back then it was played with 120 Chinese characters.

Cheung Leung encouraged residents to play this game so that he would collect taxes. The taxes were used to fund the Han dynasty war. Some even believe that the taxes of the game were used to build the great wall of china.

In 1800 there were many Chinese people that moved to the united states to work on railroads.  They were then introduced to Keno by Americans when they settled in San Francisco. When Keno was introduced to Americans they did not understand the characters as they were in Chinese. They were then changed to numbers to make it easier.

During the 20th century, gambling was allowed but not lotteries. Therefore, the operators had to change keno to racehorse keno. It then looked like it was a racing game thereby becoming legal.

Today with technology growing by each day, keno still lives on. The best US online casinos offer a variety of games that you can enjoy.


Just like slots, Keno is one of the easiest game tom play online. No skill or strategy required.

Just a few tips up your sleeves. There are different types of Keno games offered by casinos. They come with different rules.

Therefore, it is important to check out the rules of the game you choose to play before playing it. Visit best US best online casinos today and enjoy Keno and different other games.

Keno FAQs

[accordiongroup id=”432″][accordion group=”432″ title=”What Is Keno?” active=”true”]Keno is an online game that is played with 80 games.

This lottery game is easy as it requires no skill. Gamblers picks up tom 20 numbers and they bet on the numbers that will be randomly drawn by the casino in the next game. The payouts are based on the number of numbers that a casino has guessed right.

[/accordion][accordion group=”432″ title=”Are Keno Games Fair?” active=””]Just like every other casino games, keno makes use of random number generator. So each number that comes out is by random. Therefore, the games are definitely safe.

You can make use of the casinos we recommend. This is because they are constantly tested and audited to ensure fairness.

[/accordion][accordion group=”432″ title=”Where Can I Play Keno Online?” active=””]There are many online casinos on the internet that gamblers can choose from. You can choose the one that catches your eye.

However, there are also scam sites, which is why you need to be careful when choosing. To make it easier you can choose from the list of the casinos we have provided for you at this website. They are safe and they are licensed.

[/accordion][accordion group=”432″ title=”Is There A Keno Strategy?” active=””]Keno is a game of luck purely luck. But it does not mean you cannot use some strategies. The strategies you can use are those that can make you balance out your betting.

One of these is to bet more when you are winning and less when you are losing.

[/accordion][accordion group=”432″ title=”Can I Play Online Keno on My Mobile?” active=””]Yes, definitely you can play Keno on your mobile device.

You can make use of android, IOS or windows devices.

[/accordion][accordion group=”432″ title=”Is Online Keno Different From Live Keno?” active=””]Playing keno and at land-based casinos is not really different.

The only difference is on the odds as online keno has better odds.

[/accordion][accordion group=”432″ title=”Can I Play Keno For Free?” active=””]Yes, you can. Most top US casinos offer their games in demo mode including keno too.

That means you have a chance to play keno without risking your money. You can learn all about it before you start wagering.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]