Online Scratch cards For Real Money 2021

Online Scratch cards For Real Money 2021

Scratch Cards
Scratch Cards

Scratch cards or scratch tickets like what some USA players call it is a simple game to play. Just like the scratch cards that you buy in land-based casinos and licensed shops.

That is the same you get at online casino sites, the difference is that the ones we are talking about are found online.

All you got to do is to scratch a card virtually to reveal what s underneath. The winnings depend on what is revealed once the scratchie has been scratched. If you want to find out more about the card game, then you should read on.

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How To Play

Because of technology and the introduction of inline gambling, there is no more need to go out to a shop or a casino to get a scratch card. Instead, you can simply get your cards at the best online casinos in the USA. Like we mentioned before online scratch cards are just digital versions of the ones that we buy from shops.

There are many scratch cards online and they come in different themes. You have to browse through the available one on a casino site and buy the one that you like. The next thing is to rub the scratch card virtually. You can use the mouse or the touch if you are playing on your mobile device to reveal the symbols that are underneath.

The more you remove the residue the clearer it becomes to see if you are a winner or not. If you have matched the required symbol combination you will be rewarded with your cash.

It is that simple. Playing this card game at online casinos is not hard. All you need to do is to select your game, select your stake and you press play.

Why They Are Popular

Scratch cards are popular because of many positive reasons. These include the following

  1. They have low costs even to buy
  2. They are easy to play
  3. You can become an instant winner

Odds in Scratch Cards

Scratch cards bets are bad comparing to other online casino games. Many lotteries pay out less than 50% of the total cash players spend on the games.
How To Collect Your Winnings

There are various ways to get your prizes. Remember when you scratch cards there are different top prizes to be won. So depending on the scratch card you have chosen there are many ways to collect your winnings. For some scratch cards, you will be instructed to pick up your prize from a certain shop whilst others will give you a number to call to collect your winnings.

Although some scratch cards allow you to win real cash, others come with rewards like gadgets, fully paid holidays abroad and many more. But for online scratch cards that function via Macromedia flash and java the prizes can be collected online.

Management Tips

Managing your finances when it comes to scratch cards is very important. This is because getting carried away something that is common and you end up losing control of your finances. We are going to provide you with ways to manage your money.

  1. Planning

    Scratch cards is a game of chance just like slots and Sic Bo. Therefore, if you are not careful you can spend all your money betting. You have to ensure that your bankroll will last you long enough to win something.

    That is why you need to plan effectively. You need to put aside the exact amount that you are willing to put down for a session. You also need to plan on the number of games you need to play so you can divide your funds accordingly.

  2. Bet What You Can Lose

    This applies not just to scratch cards but to every other game. Only gamble with the money you are willing to lose. If you end up losing you will walk away and save the remaining of the money.

  3. Practice

    The practice is also another way of money management because it saves money. One mistake most players make is to rush to play with their money without learning or practising thereby losing. You need to start slow or better still you need to practice with the free scratch card to get a better understanding of what you should do.

  4. Tips For Scratch Card Lovers

    We understand that the card game is a game of luck. However, it does not mean that you cannot make use of a few tips to improve your winning chances.

    Just make sure you know what it is that you are buying. This includes being careful of the cheaper tickets as they are cheap for a reason.
    Always check the small prints as they tell you the odds of the scratch card
    Buying in bulk is good, you will find a winning ticket
    Gamble safe by sticking to your budget


the card game was introduced during the 1970s. it was invented by many different computer scientists. The first scratch lottery tickets were launched by the Massachusetts state lottery in the mid-1970s.

After that many national scratch cards started offering these scratch cards too.

Scratch cards have been over the years used for different causes. Scratch cards were used to raise money for charities, federal associations as well as a means of advertising. This is why they are popular and have a large audience.

Getting into the 21st century online scratch cards has become popular this is because they give instant cash through their games which makes the game more fun and interesting.

The first scratchcard website was launched in 2005 by the prime scratchcards. This site is dedicated to online scratchcards.


Scratch cards are a game of luck, easy to play and easy to learn. All you need to id to scratch a card virtually and see of your symbols match to become the winner. You don’t need skills nor strategies just a few tips which we have provided for you on this site. Visit top online casino sites and enjoy this game today.


[accordiongroup id=”989″][accordion group=”989″ title=”How Does A Scratch card Work?” active=”true”]All you need to do is to scratch the card so that you can reveal what is underneath. this will determine if you have a winning card.

This game is a game of luck and chance, there is nothing you can do excerpt to trust your luck[/accordion][accordion group=”989″ title=”Where Can I get The Best Scratch Cards?” active=””]Scratch cards are found in casinos, licensed shops and many other lottery places. When it comes online, scratch cards are found at online casinos.

[/accordion][accordion group=”989″ title=”What is The Advantage of Playing Scratch Cards Online?” active=””]Unlike playing scratch cards where you have to go out to a shop to get a card, online you don’t have to go through that hassle. Online you can play as much as you want and for as long as you want. The cars are just a button away therefore you have no struggles

[/accordion][accordion group=”989″ title=”Are There any Free Scratch cards?” active=””]Of course, just like any other online casino game, there are also free games when it comes to scratchcards cards. You can make use of those to learn about the game and understand exactly what it is about. Then you can move on to the real money ones once you are sure.

[/accordion][accordion group=”989″ title=”How Old Should I Be to Buy Scratch Cards?” active=””]It depends on where you reside, but some start at the age of 16 to be able to buy a scratchcard.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]