A Guide To High Roller Casinos Online 2021

A Guide To High Roller Casinos Online 2021

High Roller Casinos
High Roller Casinos

Becoming a high roller is the good thing about gambling. This is because there are so many benefits that come with this. If you are a high roller, that means you need the best high roller casinos you can find so you can bet and win big. Moreover, you get a lot of benefits at high roller online casinos whether it is online or at land-based casinos. Take a look at our guide to the best high roller casinos so you can find the best casino to play at.

What A High Roller Is

A high roller is a player that bets large sums of money than an average player at a casino. There are many things that determine a high roller when it comes to a casino. High roller casinos offer players VIP loyalty programs to the top spenders at the casino. These programs come with stages the higher you go the better the rewards and bonuses you get. These include

  1. Bet size
  2. Game selection- the games you play
  3. The length of your session

Why You Should Play At These Casinos

Many people are scared to become VIP players because of the amount of money that one has to spend. What they don’t know is the benefits that come with being a high roller or playing at their casinos. Many VIP programs specify what their high roller players get. Take a look at some benefits of becoming a high roller player.

  1. Special VIP Host and Support

    All the high roller players are given their own direct line of communication. This is a great thing as you don’t have to wait for a response using the same lines that every other player uses. There is a VIP team that is trained to give these players great care and they are different from general customer service representatives. As a high roller player, you will have your own special telephone number that you will use to get a superior level of service. Not to say that regular players will not get the best customer service. The VIP staff members just have a lesser number of clients to deal with which makes them more available for high roller needs.

  2. Special Bonuses

    High rollers also known as VIPs have access to a lot of different bonuses that regular players cannot have access to. At thesecasinos, VIPs gets to have a better sign up bonus than a regular player. Moreover, when it comes to bonuses, they get larger as your status level also goes up. You get the best of the available bonuses at a casino. Moreover, you also get special bonuses on special occasions. like on your birthday you can have a great reward in your balance. You can just have a certain amount of money put in your account. If you are playing at land-based casinos you can have special gifts sent to you on special days.

  3. Faster Payouts

    At these casinos, big players have fast payouts. Unlike a regular player who has to wait for some days to withdraw winnings, high roller players can withdraw their winnings quickly and without facing any problems in the process.

  4. Tournaments

    In some casinos, VIP players get invited to play in private tournaments and get cash prizes. It doffers you can be invited to a poker, blackjack or slot tournament. These are free but they are only open to a selected group of players. Like we mentioned it is not found in all casinos but some high roller casinos offer these private tournaments.

  5. Cash Backs

    Although you have a lot of money to gamble, it is always a good feeling to get some of your gambling money back to you. Regular casinos give out some cash backs to their players after losing. Well, high roller casinos also do the same for their high roller players. The percentage is way larger than that of a regular player.

  6. Invitations For Special Events

    As the perks of a high roller, you will receive invitations to events courtesy of your casino. You get invited to the events that your casino hosts. These events differ some may not even be hosted by your casino but you can still get the invitation. These differ from sports events, movie premieres, fashion shows, gourmet meals and many more vents. Good thing is that you will get to meet some celebrities and other high roller players.

What To Expect From High Roller Casinos

Because high rollers are all about big money, it is important to play at the best high roller casinos. With that being said we review casinos before we list them for you to choose. At all the casinos that we recommend, you can expect to find the following things.

  1. Security and Safety– The casinos we recommend have up to date security systems and they are fully licensed.
  2. Fast Payout– you can expect to have your winnings in no time. There is no need to wait for many days to collect our winnings.
  3. More Games– you have a large selection of games to choose from. Whatever you need you can be sure that you will get nit.
  4. Best rewards– these casinos have the best rewards just for you
  5. Excellent Customer support– at these casinos you will receive first-class support. There are VIP agents trained and ready to serve high roller players.
  6. Mobile Apps– all the high roller casinos we recommend offers players great mobile play

How You Can Become A High Roller or Join A VIP Program

To become a high roller and to be able to qualify for the high roller or VIP programs you only need to deposit more and play more. Casinos can easily recognize big players by the amounts they deposit and how frequently they play.

People that run VIP program s at a casino have their own criteria and standards that they follow in determining who qualifies to be a high roller. But generally, it is determined by the deposit you make as they have a specific target that you need to meet to be called a high roller. After that deposit depending on the casino, it can be $1,000 it can be less it can be more. Now you have to start betting regularly so as to get more player points. When they get to a certain stage you then qualify to be one. Like we mentioned before they come in different stages.

High Roller Games

The best games for high rollers are the games that offer has the potential to generate a great reward. These games are the games that VIP players usually put their money on. This is because they know that winning these games will bring them large amounts of money. Some of the high roller games that you can expect to find at High roller casinos include:

  1. slots
  2. Blackjack
  3. Roulette
  4. Baccarat


Now that you have read all there is to know about High Roller casinos.  We believe that you now have a better understanding of what it is, what you need to do to qualify as one and what to look for when you are searching for a VIP program. We always recommend the best for our readers. Therefore, check out the casinos that we offer you. They are safe, secure, offers best bonuses, promotions and a great range of games.

Casinos FAQs

[accordiongroup id=”628″][accordion group=”628″ title=”What Is A High Roller Program?” active=”true”]A high roller program is also known as a VIP program is a type of casino loyalty program. In this program, casinos reward their top spenders. They are offered bonuses, free spins, gifts and many more.  This is only available to players that deposit larger sums of money.[/accordion][accordion group=”628″ title=”How Can I Join A High Roller Program?” active=””]To join a high roller or VIP program players need to deposit large amounts of money frequently and consistently. The casino will recognize you and they invite you to join the VIP program. If you are not sure and you want more details, you can contact the customer support of your casino.[/accordion][accordion group=”628″ title=”What Are The Best High Roller Casinos?” active=””]The best casinos are listed on this site. The sites that we recommend for you offer the best bonuses, promotions and games. You need only the best for your real money gameplay. That is why we recommend the best for our VIP players. They offer the best VIP loyalty programs.[/accordion][accordion group=”628″ title=”How Does High Roller Differ From Regular Play?” active=””]The game rules are never different in both regular play and VIP play. The difference comes in the benefits that you receive. In high roller play, you get faster payouts, bigger and better bonuses and promotions, cashback rewards and many other gifts. Moreover, you get to enjoy better games and rewards that are not available to regular players.[/accordion][accordion group=”628″ title=”How Can I Make Sure I don’t Lose My High Roller Status?” active=””]It is up to the casino, it determines your VIP status. However, all will be outlined in the terms and conditions of the site you will be playing at. You can speak to your VIP host and moreover we believe that a casino will be constantly updating you on your status. [/accordion][/accordiongroup]